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Difference between Isothermal and Adiabatic Changes

Difference between Isothermal and Adiabatic Changes ISOTHERMAL CHANGES ADIABATIC CHANGES  1. Temperature (T) remains constant i.e. ∆T = 0.  1. Heat (Q) remains constant i.e. Q=∆0.  2. Internal energy (U) remains constant i.e. ∆U=0.  2. Internal energy changes i.e. ∆U ≠ 0.  3. System is thermally conducting to the surroundings.  3. System is thermally insulated from the surroundings.  4.

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Chemistry Name reactions

30 Important Name Reactions in Chemistry for Class 12

Important Name Reactions of Chemistry in Class 12th CBSE and ISC Board INDEX Sandmeyer Reaction Gattermann Reaction Balz-Schiemann Reaction Finkelstein Reaction Swartz Reaction Wurtz Reaction Fitting Reaction Wurtz - Fittig Reaction Kolbe's Reaction Reimer- Tiemann Reaction Rosenmund Reduction Gattermann - Koch Reaction Stephen Reaction or Stephen Reduction Clemmensen Reduction Wolff - Kishner Reduction Haloform

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