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Diwali or Deepawali How? When? Where? Why? to celebrate.


Diwali or Deepawali How? When? Where? Why? to celebrate.

Diwali or Deepawali

  • What Kind of Festival is Diwali?
  • When do we Celebrate Diwali?
  • Where Diwali festival is Celebrated?
  • Why to celebrate Diwali?
  • How to Celebrate Diwali?
  • Deeper meaning behind Mythological Stories and Rituals.
  • The changing way of Celebrating Diwali (Celebration) and its impact.
  • Best way to Celebrate this Diwali
  • Key Points to remember - Do's and Dont's
  • Unique and Better way of celebrating Diwali

Diwali or Deepawali?

Deepawali or Diwali is among the biggest festivals for Hindus and is celebrated across the globe with full enthusiasm. It is also among those very rare festival which bind whole of the Hindu community and irrespective of caste, creed every Hindu celebrates it with full joy. Cleaning of houses and surroundings, lighting up the buildings with colorful lights, decorating the homes, making rangoli, etc. etc. are the parts of this festival and all this shows the enthusiasm of the people for this festival.

Worship of lord Ganesh for good welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom took place on occasion of Diwali. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi come across the Earth on this day, and in order to welcome her to own house people do decorate and light up their houses.
Hindus alike regard it as a celebration of life and use the occasion to strengthen family and relationships.

When do we Celebrate Diwali?

This Festival is Celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Kartik (usually, falls in months of October and November), which is a new moon day (Amavasya) as per Hindu traditional calendar.  Although it’s a 5-day long festival.

1st day – Dhanteras

2nd day – Choti Diwali

3rd Day – Lakshmi pooja (DEEPAWALI)

4th day – Govardhan puja

5th day – Bhai Duj

Where Diwali festival is Celebrated?

Deepawali is not only celebrated in Indian but abroad also. It’s a national Holiday in India, Nepal, Srilanka, Singapore. Moreover wherever Hindus are living they celebrate it there though at small scale.

Why to celebrate Diwali?

Many beliefs are there as to why Hindus celebrate Deepawali. It is celebrated to mark the return of lord Ram from 14 years of exile and his victory over the demon Ravan.
For Hindus, it is one of the most important festivals and in some part of India, it marks the beginning of the New Year. Sikhs believe that there guru Hargobind Singh Ji gotten from Jwalliar’s prison.

How to Celebrate Diwali?

diwaliAt night mainly the worship of Lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi took place followed by the distribution of Sweets and grand dinner along with Firecrackers. Buildings are illuminated with the earthen lamps, candlesticks, and electric bulbs. The whole scenario seems to be lighted up by lights of different colors. People believe that Hindu Goddess Laxmi enters only those houses which are neat and clean and well decorated too so the cleanliness program before the celebration is very important. In fact, many people whitewash their houses. Moreover, they lighted their homes with GHEE DIVAS, and electric bulbs so that goddess Laxmi may find no difficulty in finding her way in and smile upon them.

Deeper Meaning Behind Mythological Stories and Rituals

Mythological Stories may be different in a different tradition, in some stories it may be Ram who kills Demon Ravan, in another story it may be Krishna, in another story, it may be someone else as a Hero, but the main fact remains the same in all the stories. The meaning behind all these mythological stories is that the villain of the story represents the desire-ridden ego. It is our egos and desires that create problems for us. However, when we work selflessly, dedicating our actions to a higher goal, the desires remain in limits and gradually get sublimated.

We all have positive and negative inside us, it’s all depends on us which tendency we prefer. When we identify with the good in us, work towards something beyond our selfish interest the lower, negative tendencies fade away. Our desires get sublimated and through constant sadhana, we overcome our ego and desires.

The bath before the prayer and cleaning of homes during Deepawali signify the washing of personality, cleaning of our inner evils, anger, ego, greed, etc. The new clothes represent our newly acquired state of realization. This change brings happiness and sweetness in our lives which are later distributed as a fact of spreading happiness and joy.

Ultimately it’s a win of good over evil after some struggle in all stories, which symbolizes that we should also prefer good over evil thoughts that arise within us.

The changing ways of Celebration and its impact

The message that Diwali gives to all is the win of good over evil. Sadly in present times this message is restricted to paper only, and now Diwali had become more a fire-crackers day, a good time to drink liquor, gambling and all the worst work that can be done on a festival. The even more sad fact is that many of the well literate peoples got engaged in these activities.

Crores and Crores of the crackers got burst in a single small town, where all people can’t even afford a 2-time meal. And the tons of poisonous gasses that get mixed in the air as a result of this celebration is just out of the explanation.  At least all Hindus must think of this that is it the correct way to express Happiness of a divine festival in present time. The whole world is thinking of reducing the production of poisonous and greenhouse gasses in the environment and we bursting crackers.

The quantity of accident across the country got multiplied showing the menace of liquor by people on this day. Hospitals got much more cases of an accident on Deepawali than on a normal day.

It’s a matter to think that such a divine festival of DEEP (light) and joy is creating such a great havoc to the country. Are we on the right path of celebration?

Key points to Remember - Do's and Dont's

  • Clean your homes properly.
  • Buy new clothes.
  • Most important don’t even buy crackers. Avoid them. Neither encourages your child/friend/parents to buy crackers.
  • If possible prepare sweets at your home only.
  • Avoid liquor, non-veg. food, etc

Unique and Better ways of Celebration


  • Distribute sweets or new clothes in your village or cityside poor/slum colonies.
  • Share your happiness and celebrate with the children in orphanages, foster care, special need schools, Ashrams, Gurukuls, etc.
  • Visit your nearby Old age home (HARIOM ASHRAM, DEHRADUN). Take the blessings from the people there.

****Above ways are the best ways to celebrate not only this DEEPAWALI but you're each and every celebration or moments of joys. Choose any of this method and you will be glad to see the meter of your inner joy. ****

By Hariom Ashram

Ankit Kamboj
Founder of (PCM Encyclopedia).

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