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Terms & Conditions for submission of content

Before submitting your content to PCMpedia, we want you to read our terms and conditions. These are very interesting T&C.

If you disagree with any T&C Please don't submit your content to us. But stay tuned with PCMpedia.

  1. You can submit any content which is owned by you only i.e written by you only. (You are the only copyright owner of that content).
  2. Please fill the form clearly to get complete credits. Half filled or incompletely filled form can't be accepted or credits will not given to you.
  3. If you find any problem you can Contact Us immediately via any source. We will help you to sort that problem within a day.
  4. You can submit content of these categories: e-book, latest news, latest article, poem, debates, controversies, lifestyle, Education, Technology, International, Differences, Comparisons, Videos, Images, Tutorials or if you have any other own material then you can also submit that content to us.
  5. Copied article from any site or newspaper can't be accepted.
  6. Paytm cash of (minimum Rs. 10) only given to you if you submit more than 10 unique articles.
  7. Try to write a content more than 400 words (with images, videos also).
  8. We will make you author of PCMpedia if you submit more than 20 unique articles.
  9. Support PCMpedia by Share, follow, Tag us on Social Media.
  10. Before publishing your content, we will confirm it with you again.
  11. Your private details are completely secured.
Please Provide your complete details clearly to get credits.

Keep supporting PCMpedia.